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ed rec vol.1
2007年02月27日 (火) 01:00 | 編集

va "ed rec vol.1"

01 Mr.Flash / Radar Rider
02 Uffie / Pop the Glock
03 Krazy Baldhead / Crazy Mothafuckas
04 Vicarious Bliss / Theme From Vicarious Bliss
05 Zongamin / Bongo Song (Jackos remix)
06 DJ Mehdi / I Am Somebody (Paris Version)
07 Sebastian / Dolami
08 Justice / Waters of Nazareth
09 Busy P / Chop Suey
10 Krazy Baldhead / Revolution (ParaOne Remix)
11 Sebastian / H.A.L.
12 Vicarious Bliss / Theme From Vicarious Bliss (Justice Remix)
fabric 30
2007年02月22日 (木) 20:58 | 編集

va "fabric 30"

01. Intro
02. Claude Von Stroke / Seven Deadly Strokes
03. Royksopp / What Else Is There (The Emperor Machine Vocal Version)
04. Jesse Rose / Evening Standard
05. Curtis McClaine And On The House / Let's Get Busy
06. Gary Martin / Turkish Tavern
07. Sir Drew / Shemale (Black Strobe Mix)
08. Serge Santiago / Atto D’Amore (Dub)
09. Dondolo / Dragon (Shit Robot 'Breathing Fire' Remix)
10. Slok / Lonely Child (Satoshi Tomiie 3D Remix Dub)
11. Rufuss / No Exit
12. Foolish & Sly / Come A Little Closer
13. Nemesi / L'Asteroide (Original Impact Mix)
14. Force Of Nature / Blackmoon
15. Lifelike And Kris Menace / Discopolis
16. Ame / Engoli
17. Mocky feat. Taylor Savvy / Catch A Moment In Time (Ewan Pearson's Memory Blessed Remix)

Rub N Tugによるmix。
kitsune udon
2007年02月21日 (水) 23:38 | 編集

Disc-1 / Mixed by Kitsune

The Presets / Are you the one ?
Kap10Kurt / Danger Seeks
Nicky Van She and Dangerous Dan / Around The World
Simian Mobile Disco / Hot Dog
Klaxons / Atlantis To Interzone (Digitalism's Klix Klax R-R-Remix)
Guns N' Bombs (Crossover Appeal)
Thieves Like Us / Drugs in my body
Dada Life / Big Time (Linus Loves kitsune special Remix)
Mekon featuring Roxanne Shante / Yes Yes Y'all (Duke Dumont Remix)
Punks Jump Up / Dance to our disco (NIghtmoves remix)
Boys Noize / Feel Good (TV=OFF) (Shinichi Osawa edit)
Fox N' Wolf (Youth Alcoholic)
Rockers Hi-Fi <Push Push > (M.A.N.D.Y.'s Pusher remix)

Disc-2 / Mixed by Shinichi Osawa

Klanguage / All This Time (Yuksek vs Invaders Remix)
Tepr / En Direct De La Cote (Alavi reroX)
Hi Jack / Hijackin' (Herve's F**k Remix)
REVL9N / Someone Like You (Freeform Five Remix)
Yonderboi / People Always Talk About Weather (Junkie XL Main Mix)
Daft Punk / The Prime Time Of Your Life (Para One Remix)
New Young Pony Club / Ice Cream (The Bang Gang Deejays Remix)
Gossip / Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)
Soulwax / Miserable Girl (Shinichi Osawa Extra Hard Edit "Exclusive
Edit for Kitsune Udon")
ANNA TSUCHIYA / Ah Ah (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
Para One / Dudun-Dun (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Armand Van Helden / Sugar (Paper Faces Remix)
Plastic Dreams / Fuse (Move Your Body) (Steve Mac Remix)
DJ's Are Not Rockstars feat. Princess Superstar & Alexander
Technique / European Accent (Vocal Mix)
Erick Morillo feat. P. Diddy / Dance I Said (Touche Vocal Mix)
for frosty mornings and summer
2007年02月15日 (木) 13:17 | 編集

xela "for frosty mornings and summer"
17 pictures
2007年02月15日 (木) 13:13 | 編集

17 pictures "s/t"
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